Born in 1974 in Beit Chabab, Lebanon, Hisham Ashkar is an architect, urban planner and photographer. He has a D.E.S. (Diplôme d’Études Supérieures) degree in architecture and Master Research’s degree in urban planning from the Lebanese University – Fine Arts Institute and he is currently pursuing a PhD in urban planning at HafenCity Universität Hamburg. He has worked with several prominent architectural firms on various projects covering interior, architectural and urban designs. His photos and maps have been featured in several publications and websites. He has worked on many plays, short films and documentaries and his activities include graffiti, graphic design and creating board games.

Hisham is a co-founder of the NGO Lebanon Support, a member of the Order of Engineers and Architects in Beirut and has been an active member in different organizations, including the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections, Indymedia-Beirut and Samidoun Media Center.

He has lived in Paris and Berlin and presently resides in Beirut.


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